MINI POWER power supply for MCR technology

Power supplies for MCR technology

With their modular electronics housing, the MINI POWER power supplies are ideal for special voltages in measurement and control technology. Connect MINI POWER power supplies quickly and easily using COMBICON connectors. MINI POWER enables flexible use, simply choose the appropriate overall width for your application from our range of MINI POWER power supplies.

Your advantages

  • Easy-to-maintain connection technology with coded COMBICON connectors
  • Flexible with numerous output voltages and versions
  • Active function monitoring via the switching output for remote monitoring of the output voltage
MINI POWER for use in MCR technology

MINI POWER for use in MCR technology

Flexible solution in modular electronics housing

Modular electronics housings (ME) are used as standard in measurement and control technology (MCR). MINI POWER is the ideal power supply unit for this type of application. Connection is easy using COMBICON connectors from Phoenix Contact. With special voltages and special versions, including a device for Ex applications and various overall widths, the MINI POWER power supplies can be used flexibly.

  • Overall width: 22.5 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm, or 67.5 mm.
Power supply unit and uninterruptible power supply in a single housing

Power supply unit and uninterruptible power supply in one

Additional modules

A corresponding uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for 12 and 24 V DC output voltage is available for the MINI POWER power supply. The UPS combines a power supply unit and an electronic switchover unit in the same housing. Various rechargeable battery modules ensure flexibility.

Supplement the MINI POWER power supply with corresponding DC/DC converters. They perform the following functions:

  • Matching voltage levels
  • Regenerating voltages on long cables
  • Setting up independent supply systems