Engine starter - ELR 5030-2 IP PN 2701008

Electronic motor starter, electronics module without lower part of housing, 2-channel reversing starter

This product needs further products for operation. Mandatory Accessories

Product Details

The PROFINET motor starters are designed as distributed motor starters with IP67 protection. They perform simple drive tasks. The motor starters provide a connection for mains supply and mains continuation as well as one or two connections for a three-phase asynchronous motor.

A complete motor starter consists of three products: motor starter, lower housing part, and Pg screw connection (see accessories).

- 2 integrated CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter with 3.0 kW
- Supported protocols: SNMPv2, TFTP, PROFINET, and LLDP
- 2 Ethernet connections
- 10 digital inputs (M12 sockets)
- 4 digital outputs (M12 sockets)
- Stainless steel housing with IP65/IP67 protection

Digital: Digital inputs
Input voltage 24 V DC (US1)
Number of positions 5
Filter time 3 ms
Connection technology 2, 3, 4-wire
Input voltage range "1" signal 15 V DC ... 30 V DC (binary "1")
Input voltage range "0" signal -3 V DC ... 5 V (binary "0")
Connection method M12 connector
Number of inputs 10
Typical input current per channel approx. 3 mA (for US1 = 24 V)

Environmental Product Compliance
China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 50 years
For details about hazardous substances go to tab “Downloads”, Category “Manufacturer's declaration”

Supply: Module electronics
Supply voltage 24 V DC (US1 / US2)
Designation Terminal strip X13
Pg screw connection Pg11
Number of positions 3
Max. current carrying capacity 10 A
Supply voltage range 20 V DC ... 30 V DC (including ripple)
Permissible conductor cross section 1.5 mm2
Ripple Permissible ripple 3.6 Vpp within the permissible voltage range
Connection method COMBICON
Supply current typ. 0.25 A (at US1 = 24 V; plus current of digital inputs/outputs)

Technical data
Drill hole spacing 360 mm

Note on dimensions Module electronics without lower part
Drill hole spacing 360 mm
Height 182 mm
Width 384 mm
Depth 139 mm

Designation connection point X30 and X31
Number of positions 8
No. of channels 2
Permissible conductor cross section max. 0.14 mm2 ... 0.22 mm2
Connection method 8-pos. RJ45 socket on motor starter

Mounting position vertical
Mounting type Wall mounting

Air pressure (operation) 86 kPa ... 106 kPa (up to 2000 m above sea level)
Ambient temperature (operation) -25 °C ... 50 °C (non-condensing)
Note Notes on operation Line protection for the power cable, maximum 25 A. Observe derating of the POWER COMBICON connector
Notes on operation Permitted network type TN network, TT network, IT network available on request
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -25 °C ... 70 °C (non-condensing)
Degree of protection IP67 in acc. with IEC 60529
Air pressure (storage/transport) 86 kPa ... 106 kPa (up to 2000 m above sea level)
Permissible humidity (storage/transport) 75 % (slight temporary condensation may sometimes appear on the housing)
Permissible humidity (operation) 0 % ... 85 % (non-condensing)

Noise emission EN 61000-6-4
Protection class I (EN 50178)
Air clearances and creepage distances
Air clearances and creepage distances according to EN 50178: 1998

Type Stand-Alone
Electronic motor starter
Mounting position vertical

Order Key 2701008
Packing unit 1 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Note Made to Order (non-returnable)
Catalog Page Page 51 (C-5-2017)
GTIN 4046356708357
Weight per Piece (including packing) 3,148.0 GRM
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 3,148.0 GRM
Customs tariff number 85371098
Country of origin DE