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Current and voltage measuring technology

Our current and voltage measuring technology portfolio offers many possible applications: Use our current measuring transducers to measure direct and alternating currents of any waveform, as well as distorted alternating currents, and convert them into a multitude of standard analog signals. Our voltage measuring transducers acquire DC voltages and sinusoidal AC voltages in various signal ranges and convert them into standard analog signals as well.

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  • Accurate measurement of sinusoidal alternating currents and distorted currents with our AC measuring transducers
  • Measurement of high currents of any waveform with universal AC/DC measuring transducers up to 600 A
  • Measurement of AC voltages up to 660 V with our AC and DC voltage measuring transducers from the MACX MCR series
  • Measurement of direct voltages up to 1,500 V DC with our DC voltage measuring transducers from the SOLARCHECK product family
Current measuring transducers

Current measuring transducers

Here you can find the right measuring transducer for capturing of direct, alternating, and distorted currents:

  • MCR alternating current measuring transducers measure sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal alternating currents
  • PACT RCP AC measuring transducers based on an upstream Rogowski coil
  • MCR AC/DC current measuring transducers for measuring direct, alternating, and distorted currents
Voltage measuring transducers

Voltage measuring transducers

Choose the suitable measuring transducer for capturing direct and alternating voltages in various signal ranges:

  • MACX MCR-VAC AC voltage measuring transducers for AC voltages up to 660 V AC
  • MACX MCR-VDC voltage measuring transducers for DC voltages up to 660 V DC
  • You will find SOLARCHECK DC voltage measuring transducers for DC voltage up to 1,500 V DC in the “energy and power measuring technology” area
Intelligent energy monitoring
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Easy energy management: our innovative and coordinated portfolio of sensors and measuring technology can save you a great deal of effort when it comes to energy data acquisition. Future-oriented communication solutions and digital services help you to integrate, manage, and process your data.
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