DC/DC converters for the DIN rail

DC/DC converter

DC/DC converters provide a regulated DC voltage. Avoid disturbances in your application by using voltage converters. They regenerate voltages so that the load is always supplied with a regulated DC voltage, even in the case of long cable lengths. DC/DC converters can be used to alter the voltage level or enable the creation of independent supply systems by means of electrical isolation.

Product List

DC/DC converters on the DIN rail

DC/DC converters on the DIN rail

QUINT DC/DC converter with maximum functionality

Compact power supplies and DC/DC converters from the QUINT range maximize the availability of your application. With SFB Technology, preventative function monitoring, longer service life and IECEx approval, they increase safety and reliability. For the first time, signaling thresholds and characteristic curves for the DC/DC converter can be individually adapted. You also have a free choice of connection technology.

QUINT DC/DC converters convert nominal input voltages from 12 V DC, 24 V DC or 48 V DC to output voltages of 5 to 56 V DC.

Your advantages

  • Most powerful output side: easy system expansion, reliable starting of difficult loads and tripping of miniature circuit breakers (SFB Technology)
  • Startup of high loads, thanks to dynamic boost of up to 200% for 5 s
  • Comprehensive signaling: preventive function monitoring reports critical operating states before errors occur
  • Free choice between Push-in and screw connection
  • Available pre-configured: from a batch quantity of just 1
  • Ex and IECEx approval enables use in potentially explosive environments
  • QUINT DC/DC converters are part of the COMPLETE line system
DC/DC converters with protective coating

DC/DC converters with protective coating

DC/DC converters with protective coating for extreme conditions

The QUINT DC/DC converters with protective coating are extremely resistant and suitable for extreme environments. The protective coating on the DC/DC converters protects against dust, corrosive gases, and 100% humidity as well as failure caused by corrosion-related creepage currents and electrochemical migration.

QUINT DC/DC converters with a large input voltage range

QUINT DC/DC converters with a large input voltage range

Voltage levels of QUINT DC/DC converters

The DC/DC converters of the QUINT range are suitable for high powers with currents of up to 20 A. Thanks to the large input voltage range, the DC/DC converters cover all common input and output voltages in the performance classes up to 480 W. The IECEx approvals for certain devices enable use in all industries, including the process industry.

QUINT DC/DC converters with wide-range input enable input voltages of 42 to 96 V DC or 67 to 154 V DC and offer high flexibility. They are ideally suited for railway applications and in energy generation, for example.

DC/DC converters for photovoltaics

DC/DC converters for photovoltaics

UNO DC/DC converters for photovoltaic applications

Supply your control cabinet directly from the photovoltaic system with the DC/DC converter from the UNO POWER family. With direct connection to string voltages of up to 1000 V DC, the combiner box is supplied directly from the photovoltaic panel. You thus save additional installation costs and increase system efficiency. In a further expansion stage, the signal line can be replaced by a wireless connection.

Your advantages

  • Wide input voltage range of 300 V DC … 1000 V DC
  • Direct field installation possible, an AC connection is no longer necessary
  • Simplified approval of the overall system, thanks to UL 1741 certification for the DC/DC converter
  • Low space requirement in the control box, thanks to compact design and high degree of efficiency
  • Simplified startup, thanks to LED function monitoring
DC/DC converter for low power ratings

DC/DC converter for low power ratings

Converting voltages with MINI POWER

The DC/DC converters in the MINI family are suitable for low power ratings. The voltage converters are available for input voltages from 10 to 75 V DC. They supply currents between 0.7 and 2 A. An LED and an active switching output monitor the output voltage. MINI DC/DC converters are particularly suitable for measurement and control technology.