Industrial connectors

Heavy-duty connectors

Industrial connectors from the HEAVYCON complete series protect your interfaces and ensure the reliable transmission of power, data, and signals even under the harshest conditions. The industrial connectors are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations, and high levels of mechanical strain. The heavy-duty connectors have a seal rating of up to IP69K.

HEAVYCON complete The right industrial connector for every application

Full flexibility with industrial connectors: You can always create the right connection for your requirements with robust housings from our three series types and matching contact inserts, which can be combined:

  • HEAVYCON STANDARD - versatile, corrosion-resistant metal housing with single locking latch or double locking latch
  • HEAVYCON EVO - freely selectable cable outlet direction with swivel bayonet lock
  • HEAVYCON ADVANCE - robust without compromise and cost-effective with direct mounting

Do you want to transmit different media over a single interface or quickly connect cables to power distributors? Phoenix Contact offers the right solution: Contact inserts with a wide range of connection technologies for transmitting data, signals, and power.
In addition to fixed-position versions, modular contact inserts are available in various performance classes.

HEAVYCON heavy-duty connectors in use
HEAVYCON heavy-duty connectors YouTube
Standard housing of a HEAVYCON industrial connector

HEAVYCON STANDARD housings with locking latch for industrial connectors

HEAVYCON STANDARD housings for industrial connectors are characterized by a wide range of robust housings with various different cable outlet directions and locking mechanisms. Combine the sleeve housings with a panel mounting base, surfacing mounting housing, or coupling housing according to your requirements.

  • High corrosion resistance: Housings satisfy the requirements of the IP66/IP67 degree of protection
  • Flexible single or double locking latch

D series HEAVYCON STANDARD housings let you transmit signals and power even where space is limited. You can choose between corrosion-resistant metal housings and plastic housings with potted cable glands for your industrial connectors.

The compact design of the HEAVYCON COM housings allows easy and reliable cabling of distributed stations in automation technology.

HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors

HEAVYCON EVO housings with locking latch for industrial connectors

HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors are the innovative and cost-effective solution for many applications where robust Plug and Play solutions are required. With the swivel cable gland with bayonet lock, you can reduce warehousing by up to 70%.

  • Easy handling: You can choose the cable outlet direction directly at the installation location
  • Reduced storage costs with the reduced number of parts: Housing replaces eight conventional sleeve housings
  • Safe and reliable to use: The housings are shock-proof up to IK09 and satisfy the requirements of the IP66 degree of protection (plastic) and IP66/IP67 degree of protection (metal)
  • Free choice of components: Combine HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors with all standardized aluminum housings on the market
Industrial connectors with screw locking

Industrial connectors with screw locking

HEAVYCON ADVANCE housings With screw locking

When it comes to cabling in industrial environments, every centimeter counts. In addition, the connection is often exposed to aggressive environmental conditions. We have the solution for these extreme conditions: HEAVYCON ADVANCE industrial connectors. ADVANCE housings are particularly durable and robust with their direct screw locking mechanism without panel mounting base. These heavy-duty connectors are suitable for very aggressive environments, such as offshore, in the chemical industry, or in the rail industry.

  • Save space and money: Use panel mounting flanges instead of a base housing
  • For the harshest requirements: Housings satisfy the requirements of the IP66/IP67 degree of protection (plastic) and IP66/IP68/IP69K degree of protection (metal)
Connector housings for railway applications

Connector housings for railway applications

HEAVYCON HPR housings Industrial connectors for railway applications

HEAVYCON HPR housings for industrial connectors are intended for use in transport and transportation technology. The sleeve housings, panel mounting bases, and surface mounting housings conform to the established standard for the safe transmission of signal and power circuits on rail vehicles.

  • Degrees of protection: IP68/IP69K
  • Comprehensive protection in the event of electromagnetic interference fields
  • Sizes: B6 to B24/D7
  • Robust screw locking
  • Resistant to vibrations and shocks in accordance with IEC 61373/EN 50155
Various contact inserts with Push-in connection

Various contact inserts with Push-in connection

Contact inserts with a fixed number of positions The right connection technology for every application

Our contact inserts provide you with consistently compatible interfaces, which can be flexibly combined, for all conventional sizes. Fast connection technologies such as Push-in or QUICKON insulation displacement connection make it possible to connect cables in seconds. The inserts are connection-compatible with other connection technologies, including crimp connection.

HEAVYCON modular - compact interface

HEAVYCON modular - compact interface

Modular contact inserts for industrial connectors everything in one housing

With HEAVYCON modular, you can assemble your space-saving industrial connectors as you like. Create the right modules for your application by combining our wide range of options: The HEAVYCON modular range includes more than 50 contact inserts for currents up to 200 A, voltages up to 2,500 V, signal transmission up to 25-pos., secure data transmission, and inserts for pneumatic applications. The innovative snap-in frame with sturdy catch springs allows the heavy-duty connectors to be installed quickly. The snap-in frame fits in all housings from the HEAVYCON STANDARD, EVO, and ADVANCE series. Modules and frames are compatible with the market standard.

Configure and order industrial connectors online

Using the configurator

Industrial connectors Configure and order online

The new HEAVYCON online configurator provides you with ideal support for designing your tailor-made heavy-duty connector. Choose from countless possible combinations. The configurator will only recommend parts suitable for the selected components. With simple filter menus, 2D and 3D product images, as well as an intuitive user interface, you can configure your industrial connectors in just a few steps - without errors. You can add your solution
to the shopping cart and place your order immediately.

Cable gland for assembled cables

Cable gland

Cable gland

Cable glands can be used to seal cables of different diameters safely against dust and water. The choice is yours: Plastic, metal, and EMI-resistant versions, and screw connections for numerous cables. In the case of extreme loads, choose versions with bend protection and strain relief clamps.