M17 MPO series FO data connectors – high-performance data distribution

M17 MPO series FO data connectors

Industrial-grade MPO connectors are ideal for real-time data transmission in intelligent power grids. The robust interfaces feature high-quality fiber optics which ensure stable bandwidths over long transmission distances.

Your advantages

  • Ideally suited for future-proof data cabling: high-quality fiber optics provide optimized return loss
  • Compact device connectors allow for up to 72 FO front connections per rack unit
  • Protection against failure: robust screw locking mechanism ensures the highest pull-out forces
  • Plug and Play: pre-assembled components allow for easy installation without special tools

Main features

  • Return loss up to 30 dB
  • Pull-out force >500 N
  • Integrated MPO interface
  • Degree of protection: IP67 (when plugged in)
  • Protected against mismatching