ICS series modular electronics housings – additional overall width for greater flexibility

ICS series modular electronics housings

ICS series modular electronics housings are now also available with an overall width of 50 mm. The DIN rail housings can accommodate up to four printed circuit boards, and they can be connected together quickly and easily using DIN rail connectors.

Your advantages

  • Modular system and unique modularity in the connection technology allow flexible use
  • Standardized connections for RJ45, USB, D-SUB, and antenna sockets as components that can be integrated
  • Optimal space utilization and adaptability of design, colors, and printing
  • 8-pos. DIN rail connectors with parallel and up to two serial contacts for easy module-to-module communication

Main features

  • Overall width: 50 mm
  • Installed heights: 100 and 122 mm
  • Can be combined with 25 mm wide filler
  • Codable PCB connectors with screw or Push-in spring connection
  • Available either with closed upper part or with a transparent hinged cover