Inline I/O system – I/O modules for building automation

Inline I/O system

The DALI-2 module is multi-client-capable, and therefore allows the easy integration of DALI sensors into a DALI lighting controller. The RTD module allows the connection of NTC temperature sensors. The two I/O modules can be integrated seamlessly into an Inline station for building automation.

Your advantages

  • DALI-2 master with integrated DALI bus supply
  • DALI certification issued by the DALI Alliance ensures compatibility with a huge variety of DALI devices
  • The RTD4/NTC-ECO terminal block allows up to 4 cost-effective NTC temperature sensors to be connected to one Inline station
  • Easy connection of NTC temperature sensors with 2-conductor technology

Main features

  • DALI-2 module for controlling a DALI line with up to 64 lights and
    up to 64 sensors
  • Electrical isolation of the DALI bus
  • Guaranteed current carrying capacity of maximum 230 mA on the DALI bus
  • RTD module for use on Inline controllers and bus couplers