Power supplies, device protection, and relays for rail vehicles

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Power supplies, device protection, and relays for rail vehicles
Power supplies for trains

Power supply solutions for rail vehicles

Our portfolio of power supply solutions for rolling stock includes power supplies, DC/DC converters, UPS, energy storage, and redundancy modules. With high MTBF values, a robust design, and preventive function monitoring via signal contacts, the devices provide a high degree of availability. Important standards and requirements for rail vehicles are met according to the device type, such as EN 50155, EN 61373, and EN 45545-2, as well as coated PCBs.

Electronic circuit breakers for trains

Electronic circuit breakers for rail vehicles

In contrast to conventional circuit breakers, electronic circuit breakers provide systematic advantages for applications in rolling stock:

  • Their tripping characteristic is ideally suited to the voltage behavior of switched-mode power supply units. Supply reserves are therefore not required.
  • The electronic circuit breakers are up to 60% narrower and, thanks to the adjustable nominal current, can be flexibly adapted to the application.
  • A reset input makes it possible to shorten downtimes and enables positioning outside the train driver’s working area.
  • The integrated remote signaling allows permanent monitoring of the circuit breaker status without the need for expensive additional modules.

This enables an extremely flexible train design.

Coupling relays for rail vehicles

Relays for rolling stock

The coupling relays from Phoenix Contact are certified in accordance with standard DIN EN 50155 and satisfy the special requirements for the railway industry. They withstand extreme temperatures and, due to their spring-cage connection, also provide a high degree of resistance to shock and vibration.