Potential distributors for rail vehicles

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Potential distributors for rail vehicles
PTFIX Push-in distribution blocks

Flexible and modular distribution blocks for rolling stock

PTFIX distribution blocks are extremely compact and offer a wide range of installation options. They enable you to achieve space savings of up to 50% and to satisfy the demands of rail vehicle manufacturers who are looking for flexible and modular solutions for electrical and mechanical installation. Function blocks with fuse plug and disconnect function complete the portfolio of distribution blocks with and without feed-in, ranging from 1.5 to 10 mm².

PTRV distributor terminal blocks

High-position wiring in narrow installation space

In rail vehicles, the demand for more usable space is resulting in increasingly high installation density. Even the installation space for control panels is limited.
To accommodate these conditions, PTRV distributor terminal blocks provide a space-saving option for high-position wiring on up to eight levels. Color coding and marking options support error-free wiring and troubleshooting. A product version that is bridged through in the delivery state is ideal for connecting all conductors of the same potential.

Hybrid potential distributor terminals

Hybrid potential distributors for rolling stock

In addition to distribution blocks and multi-level solutions, Phoenix Contact offers hybrid solutions with screwable feed-in contact. The high-performance potential distributors and collectors are fitted with a horizontal 35 mm² screw contact. They provide four 6 mm² Push-in outlets and six 2.5 mm² Push-in outlets. The hybrid potential distributors have a very compact design and can be extended with a plug-in bridge. This can save a lot of space when configuring the potential distribution in a train compared to a regular configuration with standard terminal blocks.

Shield clamp

Shield clamps with single-handed operation

EMC-shielded cables are used in many rail vehicle applications. The cable shield provides protection against sources of interference, something that is indispensable for data cables, for example. The braided shield connection of the cable ends is just as important to the EMC concept as the cable shield itself.
With the SCC spring-cage shield clamps, shielded railway cables can be easily mounted in a single action. Three mounting versions (copper rail, DIN rail, or flange mounting) are available for various installation situations and cables with a diameter of 5 to 20 mm.