Bolt terminal blocks for rail vehicles

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Bolt terminal blocks and pick-off terminals for rail vehicles
Bolt connection terminal blocks for rolling stock

Bolt connection terminal blocks for rolling stock

Proven bolt connection technology for wiring cable lugs is still the favored method for power connections in rail vehicles. The connection method is part of the CLIPLINE complete terminal block range. It includes terminal blocks up to 300 mm² and 520 A nominal current for direct and DIN rail mounting. Comprehensive accessories, such as covering hoods, bridges, and connection rails, complete the portfolio.

Bolt connection terminal blocks for double-hole cable lugs

Bolt terminal blocks for double-hole cable lugs

Various drive concepts have become established in modern rail vehicles. Rail vehicles are set in motion by one or more traction motors. The electrical power supply to the motors is designed to be particularly robust. The RBO 12-DHR-HC bolt connection terminal block, for double-hole cable lugs, was developed for these applications. With a nominal current of 450 A and a nominal voltage of 1,800 V, it is the ideal terminal block for motor disconnect points and gangway connections.

Pick-off terminals with Push-in connection for high-current bolt connection terminal blocks

Pick-off terminal blocks with Push-in connection for railway technology

The AGK PT pick-off terminals are the perfect hybrid solution for compact and high-performance potential distributors. The pick-off terminals are available in versions for M10 and M12 bolts with four or eight galvanically connected Push-in contacts. They are mounted on the bolt connection terminal blocks from the HV and RBO families. The cable lug performs a feed-in function. The output contacts accommodate conductors up to 10 mm² and can carry up to 150 A.

Bolt connection terminal block for the French railway market

Bolt terminal blocks for the French railway market

The HV NFF portfolio contains bolt connection terminal blocks that have been optimized and tested for the French railway standard NF F 61-017. The terminal blocks are available as classic single bolts with M5 - M12 diameter and as double bolts with M6 - M12 diameter. They are available with a special screw locking system comprising self-locking nuts and conical disk springs. A wide range of accessories, such as cover profiles, and various options for cross connection complete the portfolio.