Application of series machines and control cabinet with power distributor

Whether standard or flexible – the control cabinet solution for series and special machine building

As independent disciplines of machine building, series and special machine building place various requirements on machines and systems:

Assembly systems, machining and machine tools, and handling technology require either standardized or flexible solutions in the control cabinet.

This is exactly where the CrossPowerSystem power distributor comes in, offering a Plug and Play solution for modular and functional control cabinets.

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Modular and functional for your individual or standardized control cabinet

  • Modular Plug and Play system for supporting standardized series production
  • Control cabinet solution for tailored equipping of special machines and systems
  • Optimize your production process with reduced component assembly and wiring times
  • Space-saving
  • Fuses and components can be quickly replaced which saves servicing time
  • Benefit from the broad portfolio of components for functional and modular control cabinets
Series production in control cabinet manufacturing – application illustration

Series production in control cabinet manufacturing

Due to the strong links between control cabinet manufacturing and machine building, the modularization, standardization, and process optimization are also very important.

The CrossPowerSystem power distributor with built-in busbar supports precisely these issues: Put modular control cabinets together, standardize the control cabinet assembly. You will save time and costs during assembly and wiring of the components.

Using modular assemblies also simplifies the planning of control cabinets and significantly reduces planning times.