Manipulation detection

State-of-the-art protection for machines with older operating systems Manipulation detection – protect outdated systems with CIFS integrity check

While machines can have a long service life due to their robustness, the operating system often faces a shorter life cycle. IIoT networking then turns into a disadvantage for these systems when hackers exploit the security vulnerabilities. With the CIFS integrity check from Phoenix Contact, we offer you:

  • An antivirus scanner for industrial applications.
  • Detection of manipulation and Day Zero attacks on Windows-based systems.
  • A simple application; no installation or Internet connection required.
Manipulation detection

Risk in a networked production system

The trends of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things bring added value to production in all industries. One of the main requirements is that all devices, machines, and systems are able to communicate with all OT and IT participants, even across locations. The prerequisite for this is a connection to the Internet, but this also increases the risk of a cyber attack.

Often, production systems are operated with older machines that do not allow replacement for technical or economic reasons. Because of age, a Windows update is often no longer possible because the hardware no longer meets the current requirements, or processes would be affected extensively. Operators therefore need protection that:

  • Recognizes and averts current dangers in a timely manner.
  • Only restricts the communication of the machines with the surrounding network in dangerous situations.
  • Safely protects outdated machinery until it is no longer economically or technically viable.


Industrial-grade CIM antivirus sensor for protection against cyberattacks

With CIFS Integrity Monitoring (CIM), the mGuard security router provides a powerful and reliable antivirus scanner for industrial applications. Since the CIFS integrity check works on the mGuard security routers, there is no need for installation on a Windows PC or for an Internet connection. Potential threats are detected by constant checksum comparison and you receive an alert via email or SNMP trap in the event of changes.

Outdated machines in production can thus continue to operate safely without updates and zero-day attacks are averted in a timely manner.

The CIFS integrity check is optimal protection for security in the Digital Factory, because the continuous check ensures the integrity of the data even for older machines.

Frank Brockhagen - Phoenix Contact, Senior Project Manager, Data Security
Frank Brockhagen

Safe operation without affecting the communication

By using the CIM antivirus scanner, you enable reliable operation of your plants and machines. You will benefit from:

  • Additional protection against file manipulation.
  • Resource-saving use of the monitored system (e.g. CPU power).
  • The prevention of false alarms in your Digital Factory.
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