Elemente der Außenanlage digital integrieren

Example application on the digital transformation in railway infrastructure

Digitally integrating elements of outdoor railway systems into railway infrastructures

Digitally integrating elements of outdoor systems into railway infrastructures

In railway infrastructure outdoor systems, there is a high proportion of mechanical elements. Their readiness for use is just as decisive for smooth railway operation as that of the electrical and electronic elements. That is why it is essential to have information on their state in a central location. However, such equipment does not have any intelligence that allows it to report its operating state to the control room. On the other hand, these elements can be digitally integrated. In the simplest case, the operating equipment receives a unique bar code or QR code that establishes a connection from end devices such as smartphones or tablets to a web-based database.

Phoenix Contact provides a suitable laser marking system and a number of stainless steel markers for this purpose. Design machine-readable signs made of stainless steel easily yourself, and integrate a suitable bar code or QR code into them as needed. Stainless steel markings withstand even extreme weather conditions outdoors for decades. In addition, active sensors can acquire important status information on icing, temperature, and position. We also support you here with self-sufficient sensors that are wireless-based and have their own power supply. They transfer status information to data networks.