Products for a perfectly designed control cabinet

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As an expert in installation, Phoenix Contact provides all the necessary products for a perfectly designed control cabinet from a single source.

A perfectly designed control cabinet is not just a great way to attract customers. Suitable mounting material saves valuable space, optimum cable routing reduces wiring time, and clever accessories make mounting and cabling quick and convenient.

Our control cabinet portfolio at a glance

We provide you with everything from a single source: From control cabinet entry with efficient cable feed-throughs, screw connections, cable protection systems, and cable ducts to the smallest of components, such as cable ties and markings. Our mission is to provide precise functionality and superior quality in every detail.

Component mounting

Component mounting

Construct switchgear and control cabinets using suitable installation equipment, and save time and space. DIN rails and end brackets ensure the secure attachment of electrical connecting elements and components inside the control cabinet.

Mounting accessories help to use all the limited space efficiently and cover profiles provide reliable touch protection.

CGS cable guiding system

Conductor and cable routing

Bring order to your control cabinet. The innovative CGS cable guiding system establishes a time-saving, maintenance-friendly connection to the control cabinet door.

The wide range of cable ducts provides users with flexible and structured cable installation solutions for the control cabinet. Segments that can be separated without tools simplify installation. Protective hoses protect the cables and conductors as they are being fed into the control cabinet.

Cable glands

Cable feed-through

The CES modular cable feed-through system enables space-saving, clear, and systematic cable routing into the control cabinet. Cable seals that can be easily combined allow you to replace both assembled and unassembled cables quickly.

Use CES Multigates to feed up to 37 unassembled cables into the control cabinet without interruption using a single diaphragm plate. The cone-shaped cable seals come in various sizes and can be customized to meet your size specifications.

In addition to the CES systems, the use of cable glands also offers a particularly reliable and robust solution for guiding cables into the control cabinet, including for special applications.

PTFIX distribution blocks

Potential distribution and shielding

Potential distributors simplify the distribution of control or operating voltage. The different number of potential levels and the connection terminal blocks make flexible use possible.

The compact PTFIX distribution blocks can be mounted quickly and flexibly, can be used immediately, and can be extended as needed. This allows you to distribute different potentials in the cabinet clearly and save space. The EMC shielding of sensitive analog signals can be implemented easily and safely with our products.

Flexible service interfaces

Control cabinet sockets and interfaces

EO sockets with different plug geometries are designed for international use in control cabinet and systems manufacturing.

Additional functions such as LED displays, switches, fuses, and circuit breakers extend the range of possible applications. You are guaranteed to find the right socket for your control cabinet in our broad product range.

PLD enclosure lights

Control cabinet lighting

PLD enclosure lights provide optimum lighting for your control cabinet, even at the very bottom of the cabinet, and are easy to install without tools.

Choose lights that are tailored to your needs from two performance classes and a particularly flexible product portfolio.