Tool-free cabling with M12 Push-Lock connectors

M12 Push-Lock for signals, data, power

Confined spaces and customized cable lengths are becoming more and more common when it comes to the cabling of machines and systems.

Whether for signal, data, or power transmission, the Phoenix Contact M12 Push-Lock connectors designed for assembly make conductor connection easy and reliable. There is no need for a screwdriver or an extra helping hand. Rigid and pretreated conductors are wired conveniently and tool-free by means of direct insertion. Connecting litz wires or conductors with a large cross-section is effortless due to the levers that open and close the clamping chambers of the connector. Connected conductors can also be released again in the same way. The color-coded and numerical identification of the contact holder levers ensures the correct assignment of conductors. Connection errors are thus prevented. The long-term stable, vibration-resistant PE connection to all metal components provides protection against electric shock. Optional shielding enables interference-free transmission and reliable system operation.

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