The electronic micro fuse for DIN rails

Five PTCB eFuses bridged together for quick and easy installation

With the PTCB eFuse circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact, nominal currents below 1 A are now also electronically protected. Features such as status message and local and remote reset options provide benefits that were previously only available when protecting larger nominal currents.

This facilitates the clear detection of faults and supports precise fault localization and fast recovery. Response times are shorter compared to conventional fuse protection. New systems with nominal currents of <1 A can be easily planned with the circuit breakers. The products are designed so that the exact current value can be adjusted at any time. Right up until final implementation, changes in the loads can be managed flexibly without having to swap products. The low voltage loss at the circuit breaker enables long cable paths to the load. This means that decentralized applications in particular are reliably supplied and protected. The setup with PTCB eFuse can be extended at any time, so existing systems with glass fuses, for example, can also be converted to the new products without hesitation.

In addition, the micro fuses provide more space in the control cabinet due to their integrated potential distribution of positive and negative. The capability of combining and bridging with the Clipline complete terminal block range also enables simple application setup.

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