Surge protection with an overall width of 3.5 mm

Overview of the narrow surge protective devices for data and signal technology

The TERMITRAB complete product family from Phoenix Contact features protection against overvoltages, with a narrow overall width of just 3.5 mm per protective device.

The device dimensions play a key role in measurement and control technology applications. Such applications often require a large number of signals, each needing appropriate protection.

The portfolio of narrow surge protective devices has now been expanded. Protective devices with an overall width of 6 mm are available for practically all signal technology applications. The bandwidth ranges from the protection of individual signal wires up to the protection of four-conductor applications. The remote signaling option and disconnect knives are integrated in a number of circuit versions. Protective devices are also available with the same overall width for data and telecommunications applications. The TERMITRAB complete portfolio also provides a wide range of products for Ex applications. In addition, remote signaling modules for monitoring up to 40 neighboring protective devices are also available. With separately available fuse holders, vulnerable signal lines can also be protected against overcurrents.

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