Reliably shielded M12 cabling with push-pull fast-locking

M12 push-pull connectors for reliable signal and data transmission

The M12 connectors with push-pull fast-locking from Phoenix Contact can be connected easily and tool-free. The installation is reliably protected by Advanced Shielding Technology.

The M12 push-pull locking system offers convenient and secure cabling – even in confined spaces and with high cabling density. The M12 connectors are quick and easy to plug in and unplug from the device port, which reduces the installation time by up to 80 percent compared to screw connections. In addition, no tools are required for cabling. The tangible latching indicates correct connection. The duo contour of the device connectors also allows for flexible field wiring with classic M12 screw connectors or push-pull fast-locking. Existing cabling concepts can thus be easily extended. The consistently standardized product range guarantees worldwide availability and offers cross-manufacturer compatibility.

The expansion of the M12 push-pull product range to include shielded versions with Advanced Shielding Technology (AST) also enables the use of M12 push-pull cabling in systems that are subject to strong interference. AST stands for reliable shielding: Even when exposed to extreme environmental influences, such as high mechanical loads or lightning strikes, the large-area 360° shield connection protects data and signal transmission.

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