Sensor-free motion monitoring

Sensor-free PSR-MM35 over-speed safety relay

The new TÜV-certified PSR-MM35 over-speed safety relay from Phoenix Contact monitors speeds particularly economically and without additional sensors.

This over-speed safety relay, which is just 12.5 mm wide, expands the safe PSRmotion series. In automated guided vehicle systems or rotating axes in machine tools, for example, it reliably protects against hazardous movements up to SIL 3 or PLe.

Motion monitoring is based on the rotary field measurement of the drive and therefore does not require any additional sensors, such as encoders or proximity switches. The motor frequency is determined via direct connection to the single-phase or three-phase drive, and the machine movements are reliably monitored. Using the free, intuitive PSRmotion configuration software, functions such as safely limited speed (SLS), safe speed monitoring (SSM), safe speed range (SSR) setting, and safe torque off (STO) can be set quickly and easily. The software determines the required device parameters using optionally entered machine data. The graphical processing of the data simplifies reliable diagnostics.

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