"The Beehyve", PLCnext Technology‘s community project, launches Slack as collaboration platform

Programmer working with PLCnext controller

“The Beehyve” is a community project based on Phoenix Contact‘s PLCnext Technology. Effective immediately, the project is live on the Slack collaboration platform.

This is where members of the community can share ideas with each other about the Beehyve project, ask questions, and help others that are facing challenges. This enables participants to support each other and benefit from each other‘s knowledge. Whether a start-up or from a university, alone or in a group, anyone can participate and submit a project idea.
With technical innovation and the power of community, a lasting contribution will be made for honeybees.

The goal of the Community Project is to use smart automation to develop a fully automated hive so as to make the lives of honeybees easier and to make a sustainable contribution to our environment. With the help of our bee friends and technical specialists from the fields of OT, AI, IT, cloud, and data, a community project is set to get underway, and anyone can participate.

Press Contact
Eva von der Weppen
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications