PLCnext Control for redundancy

RFC 4072R redundant PLCnext Control device

With its redundancy function, the high-performance RFC 4072R PLCnext Control device from Phoenix Contact is ideal for use in high-availability applications. This PLC is part of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, which is currently the most open automation platform on the market.

Modern applications, in particular in the infrastructure industry, place high demands on the availability of control applications, and therefore require control redundancy. Here, the RFC 4072R supports PROFINET S2 redundancy without additional applicative programming work. Users benefit from easy startup based on the PLCnext Engineer engineering environment. Assigning a system IP address enables automatic communication with the process-managing controller of the redundancy system, which opens up advantages during handling and when switching between connected visualization systems. With the implemented OPC UA Pub/Sub functionality, high-performance and structured controller-to-controller communication can also be realized between different redundancy systems.

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