Phoenix Contact launches a more sustainable product portfolio

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Based on a technology project conducted over several years, in which Phoenix Contact defined lead-free* alternative materials and put them to the test, the Group is now working quickly to convert its connector portfolio.

“From an early stage, we were committed to reducing lead to protect health and the environment,” said Torsten Janwlecke, COO and President Business Area Device Connectors. “That is why we are now in the position where we have met all the requirements to launch lead-free connectors.”

Developing lead-free alternatives is one of the biggest challenges that the metal processing industry has faced in the last 50 years. Participants in the project at Phoenix Contact have been working across locations for several years to identify suitable materials and adapt production processes. For the test series in collaboration with the technology laboratory, the company invested in new production plants and applied for patents for new processes.

Phoenix Contact currently offers a significant selection of lead-free circular connectors. Through the consistent extension of the metric M5 to M58 series, a lead-free portfolio will be almost fully available by the end of 2022.

With material adaptations in this series and other connector ranges, Phoenix Contact customers are now already able to obtain electrical connectors that satisfy forthcoming environmental standards and compliance requirements.

  • The designation lead-free refers to the future limit value of 0.1 percent in the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive of the European Parliament.
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