Phoenix Contact is “opening doors with the mouse”

Jennifer Achilles and Fynn Steinke during filming for the virtual tour through Phoenix Contact Electronics

Phoenix Contact is taking part in the action day “Opening doors with the mouse” on October 3, 2021. Children will be guided through the Bad Pyrmont production site via a virtual 360° tour.

Tailored to this year’s motto, “Hello, future!”, you will experience interactive units, such as how we can use solar power even when the sun is not shining, and why electric vehicle batteries will also be able to supply industrial machines with electricity soon. You will meet a robot and learn what you yourself can do for a more sustainable world.

The tour will highlight the activities of Phoenix Contact, which considers itself responsible for contributing to a sustainable world. In this context, its principle is that of the “All Electric Society”, a society in which enough energy is generated from renewable sources to stop global warming through comprehensive electrification of the world.

“Opening doors with the mouse“ is an action day held by WDR, a German public-broadcasting institution. Every year on October 3, companies, associations, and organizations all over Germany allow children a peek behind the scenes of their work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the open-door events at some companies, including Phoenix Contact, will be held digitally. Using the Open Doors 2021 link (, children aged 10 and older can register for the event and watch a child-friendly introductory video to get an initial idea of what they can expect.

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Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications