New gateways for secure remote maintenance of machines

Cloud client in front of a globe

The remote maintenance gateways portfolio of the Cloud Client product family from Phoenix Contact has been extended by four versions.

They offer additional interfaces and fallback functionality alongside new software functions. Cloud Clients connect your machines to the mGuard Secure Remote Service securely via the Internet, enabling inexpensive and scalable remote maintenance throughout the world.

Cloud Client 1101T-TX/TX is the entry-level version, and uses a single WAN port that is directly connected to the operator network in the system. With just one click, you can configure whether the firewall prohibits any communication between the operator and machine network or enables it.

Cloud Client 2002T-WLAN uses an existing WLAN infrastructure. If the device is connected to the guest WLAN, it is possible to logically decouple the machine builder’s remote maintenance access and the operator’s network.

The Cloud Client 2002-4G EU cellular communication version for the European market decouples remote maintenance access physically from the operator network and also enables the system to be installed anywhere.

The 2102T-4G EU WLAN version rounds out the portfolio extension. It combines the advantages of all interfaces in a single device to be able to decide what medium it will use to create a connection based on local conditions.

All 2000-series versions also offer the option of connection via a wired WAN port. Users can freely define which uplink is used and which one works as a fallback.

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