New bus coupler for Ethernet

Compact Inline bus coupler

With the new IL ETH BK-PAC Inline bus coupler for Modbus/TCP (UDP), Phoenix Contact is expanding its product portfolio for setting up remote I/O solutions in the control cabinet.

The bus coupler with IP20 degree of protection supports all available Inline I/O modules including the branch modules for opening a remote bus branch. It adds another network to the portfolio of the new generation of the compact Inline bus coupler. The new bus coupler with two RJ45 ports each enables daisy-chain wiring and automatically detects the network and local bus speed. The firmware update capability means that the latest firmware can always be loaded onto the device. The bus coupler is connected to controllers for Modbus/TCP (UDP) or directly to a PC. In combination with a PC, programming and control can be performed using high-level languages. The integrated web-based management can be used to retrieve both static information, such as the technical data of the device, and dynamic information, such as the current local bus configuration. To increase network security, specific individual, unused ports can be blocked via web-based management.

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