New AC energy meters for charging infrastructure

MID-certified AC energy meters

The product family of EMpro energy meters with MID approval from Phoenix Contact has been extended by three new AC measuring devices. The single and three-phase devices have been designed for extreme temperatures of up to +70 C. They are suitable in particular for use in e-mobility charging stations and home chargers, even in unprotected outdoor areas.

At charging currents of up to 40 A (single-phase) or of up to 80 A (three-phase), the energy data can be used directly for billing purposes, even without an additional current transformer. The devices measure in accordance with EN 50470-3 accuracy class B, which normally means a measurement deviation of a maximum of 1%. At lower temperature requirements of up to +55 C, the EEM-EM357 EMpro energy meter, which satisfies all e-mobility requirements, can continue to be used.

All energy meters of the EMpro product family record the energy values fully bi-directionally in all four quadrants and are certified in accordance with the MID. The data is forwarded to the charging controller and from there to the backend provider via the integrated Modbus/RTU interface. Other versions with Modbus/TCP and M-Bus interfaces are also available. The data structures of the register tables are specially optimized for communication with charging technology components. The compact design of the MID counter also saves space in charging stations and home chargers.

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