Narrow protection for 4-conductor measurements

Surge protection for MCR applications mounted on the DIN rail

Two product versions have been added to Phoenix Contact’s portfolio of narrow surge protective devices for MCR technology with an overall width of just 6 mm.

With TTC-6P-2x2 and TTC-6P-4x1, items are now available for protecting both analog and digital 4-conductor applications. Both product versions feature a modular design. They consist of a base element and protective plug, and have an integrated disconnect device with visual status indicator without auxiliary power. As an option, up to 40 surge protective devices are monitored visually and their remote signaling is implemented collectively. The protective plugs are protected against mismatching by mechanical coding. For maintenance work or in the event of replacement, the removal and insertion of plugs is tool-free and impedance-neutral, and does not interrupt the signal circuit. The protective plugs can be checked for preexisting damage or defects using the CHECKMASTER 2 test device. The test results can be documented.

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Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications