Narrow power supply with a high power density

UNO POWER power supply

The new, slim generation of UNO POWER power supplies from Phoenix Contact stands out with its easy system diagnostics via DC OK-LED and switching relay contact.

The high power density makes the power supplies the solution for industrial applications with limited space.

The devices are particularly suitable for use in industrial applications and for urban infrastructure. In machine building, the power supplies find their place in small systems with basic requirements. In urban infrastructures, the devices stand out with their Power over Ethernet capability for the voltage range of 48 to 56 V. With a power of 240 W, the power supply can power multiple PoE end users, such as in combination with a PoE switch. The narrow overall width also effectively saves space in the control cabinet. The devices are alignable without a minimum clearance to neighboring modules. Compared with other products on the market, using the UNO POWER power supply provides excellent energy savings, achieved through low no-load losses below 0.3 W and optimized efficiency. With efficiency coefficients of over 94% at nominal load, just a small amount of electrical energy is converted into heat energy. The efficient technology in the small housing covers loads from 25 to 480 W.

For simple system diagnostics, there is a floating relay contact available for the performance classes from 120 to 480 W. The temperature range of -40 to +70°C makes the devices flexible for outdoor installations. This enables a reliable device start even in extreme cold.

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