Modular system for automated industrial identification

THERMOMARK E SERIES – the printer with four different applicators

With the new THERMOMARK E SERIES product family, Phoenix Contact is providing a new solution for simple and efficient industrial identification. For the first time, the system automatically combines the printing and application of markings in one process step, thus achieving time savings of 60 percent compared with carrying out the work steps manually.

The modular system consists of standard thermal transfer roll printers that can be combined with four different applicators. The three applicators for conductor and cable marking and one for terminal marking provide flexible marking options to meet specific needs. The Thermomark E.Wire produces a marking solution that can be moved radially and axially, and that is captive due to the weld seam. The Thermomark E.Sleeve applicator processes shrink sleeves in continuous format with a diameter of 0.8 to approx. 12 mm, cuts them individually to the desired length, and opens the printed markers for easy sliding onto conductors and cables. Self-laminating wrap-around labels for all types of cylindrical conductors, cables, and exposed conductive parts are processed using the Thermomark E.Wrap. The Thermomark E.Vario applicator marks entire terminal strips with just two materials in continuous format for high and flat marking grooves. Furthermore, the system is suitable for different pitches between 3.5 and 1,000 mm.

When used without an applicator, the four Thermomark E.300, E.600, E.300 D, and E.600 D roll printers also process the entire roll material portfolio from Phoenix Contact. The additionally available Thermomark E.Cutter and Thermomark E.Cutter/P cutting and perforating knives can be used for cutting material off the roll to length as well as perforating shrink sleeves for separation.

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