Modular and economical setup of DC charging infrastructure with 19" racks

Modular DC fast charging station with 19" charging technology from Phoenix Contact

With the modular CHARX system for 19" rack mounting, Phoenix Contact offers a solution for the quick and economical setup of full-coverage fast charging infrastructure.

The system in a standard 19" format consists of several coordinated modules for distributing, transforming, and controlling the charging current. They can be combined to suit any charging situation.

The new CHARX power distribution module supplies all components in the charging station with AC mains power. Integrated surge protection, miniature circuit breakers, and overheating protection ensure the safety of all downstream modules and cables. Along with a control module, up to five power modules can be connected and supplied. They convert AC mains power into the DC power needed for the fast charging of electric vehicles. To scale the charging power, the particularly efficient CHARX power DC power modules can be interconnected as required.

The new CHARX control integrated control module consists of a charging controller, cellular modem, insulation monitoring, power contactors, fuse, surge protection, and many other components. It combines all the necessary functions to control power modules and monitor the charging process in a single highly integrated space-saving device. The module also features extensive communication interfaces for easy system integration and remote access. It manages up to five power modules of 30 kW each, which means that charging power ratings of up to 150 kW can be realized.

Compared to classic assembly with DIN rail components, the modular setup with this system significantly reduces the complexity of a DC charging station. In addition, the fast-connection technologies from Phoenix Contact and the established 19" standard dimensions enable the quick installation and replacement of modules. From the design and engineering through the installation and wiring to the maintenance of fast charging stations, all processes are thus accelerated and optimized for the charging station manufacturer.

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