Lightning and surge protective devices with innovative carbon spark gap technology

FLASHTRAB-MB with a discharge capacity of 25 kA

The new FLASHTRAB-MB lightning and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact are based on innovative triggered carbon spark gap technology. In addition to circuit versions for 12.5 kA, the portfolio now also includes versions for a discharge capacity of 25 kA.

The FLT-MB devices with 25 kA protect against lightning currents of lightning protection level I/II. What’s special about these compact devices is that they are capable of handling multiple lightning pulses in an overall width of just 72 mm. The high performance of the surge protective devices is made possible by the innovative triggered carbon spark gap technology. The space-saving design of just four HP results in easier installation and more flexible installation options in the control cabinet.

These protective devices are particularly suitable for exposed heights, such as in the telephone industry. However, industrial applications also benefit from the robust design, as it offers high system availability.
The FLT-MB product family includes items in 1+1, 3+0, and 3+1 circuit versions and is therefore suitable for the various supply system configurations. The product versions with optional remote indication contact round off the portfolio.

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Eva von der Weppen
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications