Highly compact Ex i signal conditioners with SIL 3 functional safety

Highly compact Ex i signal conditioner and measuring transducer on the DIN rail with Ex i and SIL 3 logo

The new intrinsically safe versions of the MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners and measuring transducers from Phoenix Contact provide explosion protection and functional safety in a compact design. The products cover all tasks of interference-free signal transmission, save space, and ensure the safety of employees, the environment, and the system at the same time.

The signal conditioners and measuring transducers have many international Ex approvals for use in all Ex zones and for all substance groups. Furthermore, mining approval, an extended temperature operating range of -40°C to +70°C, and documented requirements for altitude operating ranges of up to 5,000 m enable use in particularly demanding environments. All Ex i signal conditioners of the MINI Analog Pro product family are consistently SIL-certified and provide a comprehensive portfolio for all applications up to SIL 3 1oo1 (one out of one).

Compared to SIL 2 devices, this has a positive effect on the calculation of the safety-related measuring circuit. This means an extension of the proof-test intervals, enables single-channel setup, and avoids the need for the redundant setup of a second control circuit. The Ex i signal conditioner of the MINI Analog Pro series are not only space-saving in terms of their overall width, but also in terms of the height between the cable ducts: The conical design with frontally aligned connection elements enables conductors to be inserted in any order, even in confined spaces.

In addition, plug-in terminal blocks and power bridging with the DIN rail connector make installation easier. The uninterruptible current signal measurement and a wide range of configuration options simplify commissioning and servicing. The gateways in the product line can be used to integrate up to eight different analog and digital signals into industrial bus systems and networks without interference. The Signal Conditioner App supports easy identification and configuration of the products as well as the monitoring of process values.

Other digital features include digital tagging via NFC (Near Field Communication), a digital nameplate, and the optional retrieval of the factory calibration certificate via QR code.

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