Heavy-duty connectors in various colors

HEAVYCON standard housings in various colors

The HEAVYCON standard housings from Phoenix Contact are now also available with a resistant, colored powder coating. This allows more individuality and flexibility in the realization of machines and systems in customer-specific designs.

The color that best suits the application or company can be selected from an extensive color palette. The color design also serves as a coding option. This provides an intuitive installation. The housings can be ordered in batches as small as 1. Individual interfaces can be easily configured and conveniently ordered online. The HEAVYCON STANDARD series housings are characterized by high corrosion resistance, owing to the high-quality die-cast aluminum. Thus, they offer a high level of safety and durability. With their conductive surfaces and seals, they are also suitable for EMC applications. They withstand vibrations and high mechanical strain and have a seal reliable up to IP66/IP67 degree of protection.

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