Heatsinks and heatsink fillers for electronics housings

Passive heatsinks and heatsink fillers for modular ICS housings

Phoenix Contact provides various heatsink solutions for ICS series electronics housings.

Space saving heatsink fillers enable heat dissipation wherever needed. There is also a wide range of passive heatsinks available for use in devices in thermally demanding applications.

The position of the heatsink base is variable to enable electronic components with an install height of up to 13 or 15 mm to be connected. The clearance between the PCB and the heatsink base is between 0 and 11 mm, depending on the space required. The heatsink is custom-designed and manufactured for the respective layout of the electronics. This application-specific design ensures optimum device heat dissipation and thus a longer service life for the electronic components.

The new ICS heatsink solutions complement the existing range of heatsinks and thermal simulations. Phoenix Contact provides a web-based, intuitive platform for the thermal assessment of electronic devices in the early stage of development. On request, this digital service can be extended to include individual consultations. Device developers benefit from detailed, application-specific simulation and a recommendation for the appropriate housing selection, heatsink design, and heatsink arrangement.

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