First managed switches for Single Pair Ethernet

First managed switches for SPE

With the new Single Pair Ethernet switches from Phoenix Contact, modern sensors and field devices can be integrated directly into the Ethernet network.

The FL Switch 2303-8SP1 is the first switch from Phoenix Contact to connect modern sensors and terminal devices to Single Pair Ethernet interfaces. The managed switches support Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) on eight ports with the 10 Base-T1L standard, which is universally applicable and allows distances of up to 1,000 meters. The connected devices are optionally supplied by the switch via the two-wire cable with the PoDL (Power over Data Line) standard and the 24 V DC Power Class 11. Sensors in production, infrastructure, and building automation can thus be integrated directly into the Ethernet network in an installation-friendly manner and without gateways.

Three classic Ethernet ports with 100/1000 Mbps are available for connecting the higher-level network in star, ring, and line topologies. Managed switches are particularly suitable for automation protocols such as Profinet and support network redundancy as well as relevant security features.

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