Efficient control cabinet building through automated wire and cable identification

THERMOMARK E SERIES on the clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system

There is considerable potential for increasing efficiency in wire preparation and processing. Up to 30 percent of the working time in control cabinet building is spent on marking processes alone.

Phoenix Contact ensures time savings of around 60 percent with the modular THERMOMARK E SERIES system, which consists of a thermal transfer roll printer and three applicators. Printing and applying are done in only one automated process step. With the new system, different cross-section ranges are marked in a time-saving manner using cable wrap labels, a shrink sleeve, or an innovative marker in continuous format. To achieve this, the markers are labeled in the printer and then automatically mounted on wires and cables by the applicator.

In combination with the ergonomic clipx Wire assist worker assistance system, this boosts efficiency in wire assembly to an even higher level. The flexible and ergonomic workstation is software-supported. It guides through the process of semi-automated wire preparation and wiring, controls the relevant output devices, and provides the necessary information based on CAE data.

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Eva von der Weppen
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