Easy recording of weather data

Weather station

The new weather station from Phoenix Contact is now available. The pre-installed solution with PLCnext Control records the values of the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, irradiation, humidity, and amount of precipitation.

This weather data can be used to determine the efficiency of a photovoltaic system, for example, so the system can respond immediately to any deviations from the expected yield.

Several SOL-ES sensors can be connected to the weather station via standard interfaces. The preconfigured sensors are immediately available to transmit weather data. Instead of wiring each sensor individually, M12 connections with Y distributors can connect them in series. This reduces the amount of wiring required on site, and it is easy to integrate the sensors into the overall system. All sensors meet the requirements of IEC 61724-1 for Class A systems. Due to the broad portfolio of environmental sensors, the weather station can be adapted to meet the customer’s individual needs.

The sensors are configured easily via web interface. This means that no programming knowledge is required for commissioning the weather station. The weather data is saved locally and made available to the user via a user interface. Besides being used in integrated photovoltaic park management, the weather station can also be applied as an autonomous system for further industrial branches.

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Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications