Connectors for automated production

CONNEXIS PCB connectors for cable assemblies

The new CONNEXIS crimp-based wire-to-board connector series for cable assemblies from Phoenix Contact optimizes automated production, ensuring speed and precision in PCB connection.

A visible marking on the connector enables clear assembly in your own production or in the field. Customers can also choose from a variety of custom printing options. To prevent mismatching, Phoenix Contact provides coded connectors and headers. There are up to three codings to choose from.

The CONNEXIS portfolio includes connectors and headers with horizontal or vertical connection direction as well as panel feed-throughs. It enables both device connections and flying leads to be implemented via male and female connectors. The crimp contacts are available for conductors from AWG 28 to AWG 14. With their pitches of 2.5 mm, 3.81 mm, and 5.08 mm, the connectors from the D21, D31, and D32 portfolio are suitable for various signal and low-voltage supplies.

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