Billing charging processes in accordance with measurement and calibration law

Pre-certified package consisting of a built-in display, signing energy meter, and controller software

With the CHARX control modular AC charging controllers from Phoenix Contact, charging processes can now also be billed in compliance with calibration law.

A coordinated, pre-certified package consisting of a built-in display, signing energy meter, controller software, and documentation from a single source makes it easier to calibrate the charging station quickly and cost-effectively.

With software and hardware already tested for compliance, the certification process for the customer’s application is greatly simplified. The necessary documents for submission to the certification authority with descriptions, parts lists, 3D models, and a wiring diagram have already been created and serve as the basis for the documentation.

The package is rounded out by test reports and experience gained during VDE certification of the example application. This coherent solution avoids time-consuming and costly resubmissions during the certification process.

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