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CAPAROC is the electronic circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact. With a wide range of modules, you can put together your own personal system. Dive in and discover the possibilities of CAPAROC.

Circuit breaker modules on a current rail

CAPAROC, the flexible standard

CAPAROC electronic circuit breaker system

CAPAROC is the flexible modular system for overcurrent protection. With the completely flexible design, you can adapt the system ideally to the conditions of your application. CAPAROC is being extended constantly. The new CAPAROC PM IOL power module features an IO-Link interface which is often used in machine building and systems manufacturing.

Installation of IO-Link devices is very simple, quickly completed, and does not require complex training. The additional information available from the machines reflects the condition of the machine. With the IO-Link interface, error states and threshold values that have been exceeded are detected at an early stage. Maintenance can thus be planned at an early stage. The integrated error log enables rapid problem identification when troubleshooting in the 12–24 V DC range.

Circuit breakers


Supply and communicate centrally

The system configuration starts with the power module. The central power supply and communication is managed here. All additional modules are supplied directly via the rear-side current rail. With automatic module addressing in the system, no further effort is needed. All system information is collected via the power module and forwarded to the provided interface for evaluation. This ensures that you have transparency for the entire 24 V supply grid.

Example configuration of a 2-channel circuit breaker module in the CAPAROC system

CAPAROC system configuration 2-channel

Convenient protection for two channels

The 2-channel circuit breaker modules in the CAPAROC system are intuitive and easy to configure. They allow you to easily read off the set nominal current directly on the device at any time. Moreover, the active current limitation function ensures the more targeted utilization of the upstream power supply.

CAPAROC system configuration 4-channel

CAPAROC system configuration 4-channel

Space-saving protection for up to four channels

The 1- and 4-channel circuit breaker modules are integrated into the system in a channel-specific manner. With fixed and adjustable nominal currents, they can be adjusted ideally to any application – from maximum compactness with an overall width of just 3 mm per channel, right through to four integrated potential distributor terminals with a connection cross-section of up to 4 mm². The CAPAROC system includes everything for reliable protection.

Example configuration of a CAPAROC circuit breaker with potential distributor

CAPAROC system configuration with potential distributor

Reliable power distribution

The rear-side current rails are elementary blocks of the CAPAROC system. They ensure the supply of all modules in the system. Modules can be added or removed without further installation work. The potential distributors are the ideal extension alongside every circuit breaker module for positive and 0 V load supply.

Screenshot interactive CAPAROC demo

Interactive demo CAPAROC

In this interactive application, various functions of the status reset power module from the CAPAROC system are presented.

The application is designed to supply six circuits for different loads.

Product animation: CAPAROC circuit breaker system
CAPAROC customizable device circuit breaker system MovingImage

CAPAROC hardware tutorial

CAPAROC hardware tutorial
CAPAROC hardware tutorial MovingImage
CAPAROC circuit breaker system in a control cabinet

More videos about CAPAROC

The CAPAROC circuit breaker system offers a wide range of possibilities. Learn more in the videos below.

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