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Passion and innovation are what drive us – an equal partnership based on mutual trust is our promise to you. We will show you an application in the field of machine building and food and beverage. Here you will discover what passion and innovation mean in practice. Our mission is to work with the customer to find a suitable solution for simple motor control. We are here for you – don’t hesitate to contact us.

The speed starter is simple, reliable, safe, and extremely space-saving. It takes very little time to install and start up.

Ismael Huete Picazo - Innovantia, Spanien, CEO
Ismael Huete Picazo – Innovantia, Spain, CEO

Trust in innovation and partnership – the speed starter as a problem solver for the customer

Shoulder view into the control cabinet with a row of CONTACTRON Speed Starters

Control cabinet building: View into the control cabinet with a row of CONTACTRON Speed Starters

Simple operating concept – efficiency in the smallest of spaces

Frequency converters are often used in applications that involve running at a variable speed or where motor ramp up and ramp down must be controlled, for example. The CONTACTRON Speed Starter combines the advantages of a compact motor starter with the essential features of a frequency converter for a wide range of applications:

  • Easy and intuitive operation via display, knob and operating buttons. No time-consuming parameterization required.
  • Space savings in the control cabinet due to the compact design with an overall width starting at just 35 mm. 
  • Economical component management by focusing on the essential functions for many drive technology applications

Connect, set, start: Why be complex when motor control can be simple?
The CONTACTRON Speed Starter helps you to easily and economically implement control tasks for motors, especially in intralogistics and conveying technology, in areas such as machine building, the automotive industry, or the food industry.

CONTACTRON Speed Starters with STO safety function in the control cabinet

CONTACTRON Speed Starters with STO safety function in the control cabinet

Safety first – Safe Torque Off function

The integrated safety function enables use in safety-related emergency stop applications without any additional contactor circuits. Safe Torque Off (STO) ensures that the motor is no longer supplied with energy to rotate. This means that torque can no longer be generated once this function has been triggered.

Do you want to maximize the efficiency and safety of your system?
By immediately switching off the torque of motors, the STO function enables fast and safe intervention in case of emergencies or unforeseen events in your system. This not only minimizes downtime, but also prevents potential accidents and injuries and creates a safe working environment.

Online simulation tool for CONTACTRON Speed Starter with emergency stop button, wiring, and motor

Online simulation tool for CONTACTRON Speed Starter

The speed starter online simulator See for yourself just how simple connection, operation, and startup can be

The simple and intuitive speed starter concept offers all the basic functions of CONTACTRON motor starters: starting, reversing, overload protection, and safe shutdown. In addition, the speed starter offers speed control, full-torque ramping, and efficiency-enhancing features such as smooth motor ramp up and ramp down.