The right pressure: intrinsically safe signal isolators at MAN Turbo

  • Safe and reliable with international Ex approvals and functional safety in accordance with SIL and PL
  • High signal quality with safe electrical isolation and long service life due to low self-heating
  • Significant space savings with an overall width of just 12.5 mm for single- and two-channel standard functions

MAN Turbo Zurich: compressors for the oil and gas industry

Employing around 50,000 people, the MAN Group is a leading global manufacturer of utility vehicles, engines, and other products for machine building and systems manufacturing.

MAN Turbo AG Schweiz is located in Zurich. It is here that around 700 specialists work on projects such as the development and production of compressors for the oil and gas industry.


Compressors are vital for the efficient transport of oil and gas via pipelines.

The manufacturer uses intrinsically safe MACX Analog Ex INTERFACE blocks from Phoenix Contact for the signal transmission of process data from the explosion-protected zone to the controller in the safe area.

The modules are used, for example, in an oil refinery in Turkmenistan and on an oil platform in Brazil.

MAN compressor with INTERFACE blocks from Phoenix Contact

MAN compressor with INTERFACE blocks from Phoenix Contact


A signal conditioner was needed in the control cabinets to transmit temperature data from the explosion zone: MAN Turbo chose the MCR-EX-SL-RTD-I intrinsically safe temperature transducers from the MACX product family supplied by Phoenix Contact Tagelswangen, Switzerland.

The Analog Ex modules consist of a complete family of single and two-channel signal isolators for the Ex area: analog in, analog out, digital in, digital out, temperature, plus accessories.

The innovative DIN rail connector simplifies installation, feed-in, and diagnostics.

Typical applications for the modules, which are just 12.5 mm wide, include measuring pressure, flow, humidity, and temperature and operating regulating valves and valve blocks using a transmitter.

The devices are certified for Ex-i circuits up to Ex zone 0 (gas) and 20 (dust), plus installation in Ex zone 2 (ATEX, IECEx, UL).

An innovative circuit concept ensures precise transmission behavior with minimal power dissipation. SIL (safety integrity level) approvals enable their use in safety applications.

In addition, the modules can be configured easily due to the uniform standardized FDT/DTM (Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager) interface.


"Throughout the course of the project we received excellent support from the specialists at Phoenix Contact, enabling us to complete our project promptly without any major disruptions," explains the engineer at MAN in charge of the project. "This is crucial when dealing with complex systems that are being implemented abroad."

The engineer at MAN also plans to use products from Phoenix Contact for future projects such as additional gas compressor stations. He is very satisfied: "I will definitely recommend this expert supplier internally."