Marshaling panels for potential distribution

Marshaling panels for potential distribution

Marshaling panels enable the compact and clear marshaling of signals in automation applications. The marshaling panels and marshaling patchboards are available with various numbers of positions. The color-coded assignment of conductors and terminal points, and the large-surface marking, ensures intuitive and safe potential distributor installation.

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Your advantages

  • Up to 20% higher signal density with the compact design
  • The modular design allows the exact number of positions to be configured for a specific application
  • Freely configurable color assignment for conductors and terminal points, facilitating intuitive and safe installation
  • Convenient testing with freely accessible 2.3 mm test connections
  • Large-surface, pitch-free marking
  • Flexible use with direct mounting, 19-inch rack, or DIN rail mounting
  • Reduction in logistics costs with the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories
PTRV 8 marshalling terminals for signal distribution

PTRV 8 marshalling terminals

Marshalling panels for signal distribution

The marshalling panels provide maximum signal density and require up to 20% less space due to their compact design. The marshalling terminals can be installed easily by simply snapping them onto an NS 35 DIN rail. You can easily test the individual connection points by means of the freely accessible 2.3 mm test points on the marshalling panel. You can reduce your storage and logistics costs by using the uniform CLIPLINE complete accessories.
The marshalling panels are available as pre-assembled versions in various, standardized color combinations, e.g., in accordance with DIN VDE 0815, and as versions that can be freely assembled.

PTMC marshalling patchboards for potential distribution

PTMC marshalling patchboards

Marshalling patchboards for potential distribution

Due to their compact design, the marshalling patchboards offer space savings of up to 20%. The modular structure can be configured to the precise number of positions and features color matrix elements. This ensures space-saving, clear, and error-free wiring. You can conveniently test the marshalling patchboards by means of the freely accessible 2.3 mm test points. The potential distributors are available for direct, 19-inch rack, or DIN rail mounting.
As with the marshalling panels, you can reduce your storage and logistics costs by using the uniform CLIPLINE complete accessories.
The marshalling patchboards are also available in pre-assembled and freely configurable versions.

PTMC marshalling patchboards, wired on both sides

PTMC marshalling patchboards, simultaneously wired on both sides

Using marshalling patchboards

Alongside the use of bus systems in new plants and retrofits, such as in power stations and process plants, point-to-point connection remains valid due to stringent safety and availability requirements. It has the advantage of fast fault localization using standard measuring devices. With high signal density, low space requirements, and optimum clarity, the marshalling patchboard will also remain indispensable in the future. The patented and modular PTMC marshalling patchboard concept provides you with an innovative system for your marshalling tasks.

Marshalling panels

Marshalling panels

Configurator for PTRV marshalling panels

Configure your individual marshalling panels for the clear marshalling of signals in automation applications.

Marshalling patchboards

Marshalling patchboards

Configurator for PTMC marshalling patchboards

Configure your individual marshalling patchboards. Achieve the highest signal density when routing in the automation environment with the compact design.