Wireless signal transmission at GDF SUEZ in Lingen, Germany

  • Optimal wireless system for decentralized plants with a range of up to 32 kilometers
  • Modular system with high IT security
  • Also suitable for large mesh networks with up to 250 devices

Power provider GDF SUEZ Deutschland

GDF SUEZ E&P DEUTSCHLAND GmbH is active in the exploration, extraction, and marketing of natural gas and oil in Germany. Through innovative technology and the highly specialist knowledge of its employees, the company plays an important role in a reliable power supply in Europe.

The company is part of the world's largest energy group: the GDF SUEZ Group.


GDF Suez E&P Deutschland GmbH gets its crude oil and natural gas from the Bramberge oil field, situated ten kilometers north of Lingen. A mixture of oil, natural gas, and salt water is extracted from depths of almost 900 meters.

Following separation, the deposit water is transported to the injection pumps. The water is injected back into the reservoir rock via six injection wells situated on the edge of the oil field.

As an important process parameter, the injection pressure at the wells must be monitored continuously. This was initially done by making inspections and through manual data acquisition.

Trusted Wireless solution

Trusted Wireless solution


"When looking for an alternative to complex cable installation, we chose a wireless solution – Trusted Wireless from Phoenix Contact," explains Friedrich Schulte, who is in charge of measurement and control technology at GDF SUEZ.

Using Trusted Wireless modules, Schulte was able to connect two inconveniently situated wells. In order to transmit the measured values from a well situated on the northern edge of the field to the central injection pump 600 meters away, a railroad line had to be crossed.

A cable solution would have required extensive digging work. "Undermining railroad tracks means high costs and safety measures, but also administrative burdens and approval procedures," said Schulte. "With the wireless connection, we've been spared all that."

The wireless path was set up with a RAD-Line I/O wireless transmission system. It transmits two digital signals and one analog signal between the transmitter and receiver. Panel antennas from the comprehensive range of wireless accessories ensure that the 600 meter distance can be covered without any problems, despite the difficult ambient conditions.

The Trusted Wireless technology used in the RAD-Line I/O modules is not disrupted by trains or high-voltage systems either.

The second well is also situated in difficult terrain – on the southeast edge of the oil field. There is virtually no infrastructure here. The wireless modules and sensors are supplied via a solar power supply unit, which was designed by Phoenix Contact specifically for use in industrial wireless applications.

In addition to the solar cells, the solar panel has a pre-configured control cabinet with charge controller, solar batteries, and surge protection.


The measuring stations located at the wells of GDF SUEZ E&P DEUTSCHLAND GMBH in Emsland previously had to be accessed daily. This was necessary in order to acquire the water injection pressure values.

Now this information is continuously transmitted via a Trusted Wireless solution from Phoenix Contact. This has significantly increased safety and efficiency.