Repairs and returns

We are here for you – even after you have received the product. Regardless of whether you are thinking about a repair, returning or complaining about a delivery, or returning your old device.
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What you can expect from us Our promise

High-quality products and courteous service are essential factors in you being satisfied. Therefore, fast and clear processing is important to us. Whether returns or complaints, we will find the best solution for you!

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Repairs Something broken? We will repair it for you.

As a user, the durability of your products is important to you – we guarantee you the best manufacturing quality. Our products are designed for intensive use and developed to high standards. Should unforeseen problems arise, our expert service team is on hand to assist you.

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Returns Return products to us if you do not need them.

Have you ordered the wrong item or you no longer need the quantity ordered? We will be happy to help you check whether it is possible to return the goods for a credit note.

Conditions for returns

  • Delivery date
    The delivery date is no longer than six months ago.

  • Current production status
    The goods correspond to the current production status.

  • Packaging
    The seal on the packaging has not been opened or damaged.

  • Net goods value
    The net goods value is at least £150 per order item.

  • M-T-O – Made to Order
    Products resulting from order-specific production cannot be returned.

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Complaints Not satisfied with your product or service?

Do you have a problem with your order or delivery? Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and you may have a legitimate reason to complain. Drop us a line and we will take the best possible care of your situation and find the best solution together with you.

Have you spotted a discrepancy between your order and our delivery? Contact us. We will be happy to examine the situation and offer you a suitable solution.

Reasons for complaints

  • Incorrect product
  • Over-delivery
  • Under-delivery
  • Double delivery
  • Incorrect delivery address
  • Product does not meet the expected quality standards
  • Product is faulty
  • Transport damage

Other reasons for complaints?

We at Phoenix Contact are aware that sometimes problems can occur that do not fit into the predefined categories. If you have any other reason for complaint, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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Take-back of end-of-life products We are there for you – even after you have made your purchase

Phoenix Contact is synonymous with high-quality and durable products that provide you with added value. To meet our own quality standards, we use high-quality materials to manufacture our products, and we support their return and reuse in the recycling cycle.

Have you procured an item from us that you no longer need after its use and would like to dispose of it properly? We would be happy to support you in this. Simply contact us.

The legal return regulations of the country in which you purchased our item apply. In the EU, the regulations are based on directive 2012/19/EU.

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Identification on our product or on the packaging and the enclosed documents

Important things to note

  • Users are responsible for deleting personal data on the items to be disposed of. Please ensure this before returning the items to us or our service partners.

  • If batteries are included in the items, please remove them prior to return, provided removal is non-destructive. You will find information about battery removal options in the packing slips, which you can view on the corresponding product detail page in our e-shop.

  • Please label any shipments containing lithium-ion batteries as containing hazardous materials.

  • All items in our portfolio that fall under the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) are marked with the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled garbage can. These products must be collected separately at the end of their life and returned to the intended recycling center.

How our process works What you can expect from us

Service and trust are our focus when it comes to returns and repairs. We therefore want to make our processes as simple and transparent as possible.

Process flow – repairs and returns

1. Return via the website
You can submit a return request to us by accessing our website. To do this, call up our returns application.

2. Product information
Enter the item number and the associated return information before submitting your request.

3. Confirmation of receipt of the return request
You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your request. This is not yet your return confirmation.

4. Confirmation of the return request
You will receive your return confirmation together with your RMA number and your return delivery note in a separate email. Please pack your return items securely and enclose the completed delivery note with the package. Affix the RMA number and the shipping label clearly and visibly to the outside of the package.

5. Dispatch of the return shipment
Send your return to the address given on the delivery note.

6. Confirmation of receipt of the return
You will receive a confirmation from us as soon as we have received your return.

How to speed up your return

  • Notes
    A return must be registered in advance and marked “Return for scrapping in accordance with the WEEE directive”.

  • Product information
    When registering a return, item-specific information on the type and quantity of items to be returned must be provided.

  • Delivery note
    A return must be marked on the delivery note with the RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and the reason for return.

  • Packaging and identification
    The RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the return packaging.

  • Returns without prior notification
    We cannot process returns of items without prior notification and these will be returned to the sender.