Push-X technology

Push-X technology enables direct conductor connection of flexible and rigid conductors with or without ferrules.
Push-X technology
XTV6 terminal block with Push-X technology

Push-X connection technology demonstrated by the XTV terminal blocks

Push-X – the new X-perience of wiring An innovation created by Phoenix Contact

A new concept in tool-free conductor connection: Push-X can accommodate all types of conductors with direct wiring tool-free and without significant force. A pretensioned contact spring lies at the heart of this new technology. This principle enables the connection of rigid and flexible conductors with or without ferrules. Even the smallest flexible conductors trigger the connection. Contact the conductor effortlessly by lightly tapping the release surface at the end of the clamping chamber. The mechanism is released by tapping and the conductor is contacted quickly and permanently. As with Push-in technology, connected conductors can be released by pressing the orange push button. At the same time the conductor is released, the contact spring is preloaded for a new wiring operation.

Advantages of Push-X technology

  • Highly convenient operation with the effortless and tool-free direct-connection technology and reduced installation times with the factory-opened clamping space
  • Fast installation of all conductor types with and without ferrules – probably the fastest connection technology for flexible conductors
  • Clear identification of the conductor connection with the force-guided actuating element and the acoustic click sound when the spring is released
  • Quick and easy conductor release as well as pretensioning of the contact spring, enabled by the force-guided actuating element
  • Optimized for manual and automated wiring

Push-X Technology

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The Push-X technology impresses with its effortless and time-saving wiring. It also offers very high level of reliability. See for yourself the benefits of the connection chamber opened at the factory and test our products at your site.
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Terminal blocks with Push-X technology

Next level for all everyday heroes New to the portfolio: Function terminals with Push-X technology

Person holding the XT 2,5 terminal blocks in their hand

XT series terminal blocks

The XT terminal blocks are the first terminal blocks with a front Push-X connection. The front conductor connection enables easy and clearly arranged wiring for users. The XT terminal blocks are initially available with a nominal cross-section of 2.5 mm². The portfolio consists of feed-through, multi-conductor, and multi-level terminal blocks, plus knife-disconnect terminal blocks and basic disconnect terminal blocks. Because the terminal blocks are part of the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system, the basic disconnect terminal blocks can be assembled with various function plugs such as fuses, components, and disconnect knives.

XTV series terminal blocks

The XTV terminal blocks are available in nominal cross-sections of 6, 10, and 16 mm², enabling conductor cross-sections between 1.5 and 25 mm² to be wired with ease. Given the large conductor cross-sections, a lateral connection was selected for the XTV terminal blocks (V = vertical). This has to do with the bending radii that occur during the wiring process. The larger conductor cross-sections, such as 16 mm² conductors, are more difficult to bend, so lateral connection makes wiring easier. In addition, the XTV modular terminal blocks complement the portfolio of lateral spring-connection terminal blocks. This enables Phoenix Contact to provide continuous lateral spring connections for conductor cross-sections between 0.14 mm² (PTV) and 185 mm² (PTPOWER).

Function terminals with Push-X technology

The Push-X function terminal blocks can be wired almost effortlessly due to the innovative Push-X technology. The function terminal blocks include transformer terminal blocks as well as disconnect and knife disconnect terminal blocks. In addition to the general advantages of the Push-X connection, the large number of function shafts means that the transformer terminal blocks enable individual and space-saving adaptation for all measurement and protection applications. In addition, the terminal blocks enable automatically leading current transformer short circuit (see video). As well as transformer terminal blocks, the product portfolio for function terminal blocks also includes disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks. In addition to disconnecting signals, the basic disconnect terminal blocks also enable the easy implementation of various function plugs such as fuse plugs and component connectors.

PCB connectors with Push-X technology

XPC 1,5 PCB connectors

XPC 1,5 PCB connectors

Direct connection technology reinvented – fast, easy, smooth, and compatible: XPC 1,5 PCB connectors with Push-X technology enable tool-free and effortless conductor connection for cross-sections up to 1.5 mm² through direct insertion.

XPC series PCB connectors

With PCB connectors from the XPC series you can easily wire your PCBs with single conductors, whether they are thin or thick, rigid or flexible, with or without ferrules. Tool-free operation and sophisticated Push-X technology reduce installation times to a minimum – click and done.

The locking mechanism of the pretensioned contact spring is triggered by the conductor tapping it and then it clamps the conductor fully automatically. So safe and easy that you can now also implement automated wiring. This means that XPC is an ideal solution wherever components in the control cabinet or in the field need to be connected reliably and with little effort.

Versions for 4 mm² conductors are planned for the XPC series.

Expert analysis of Push-X PCB connectors

In this interview, Product Manager Lucas Lässig demonstrates in detail how Push-X technology works and why Phoenix Contact developed this connector. The Push-X connector makes installation much easier: for overhead work, in building automation, in noisy machine shops, and on cold rainy days in solar systems.

Further information and downloads

Tumbling barrel during a tumbling barrel test

Tumbling barrel test

Maximum reliability

Not only does the Push-X technology impress with its effortless and time-saving wiring, but also boasts extreme reliability. This reliability relates not only to the wiring, but also to the terminal chamber condition before wiring. Our products are subjected to a variety of normative tests, and as such we are able to guarantee that the clamping chambers remain open until the end application. They include: Vibration tests for railway applications, a transport simulation, and also for a variety of climate simulations. In addition to the normative tests, we also introduced a drop-fall test. This test simulates a scenario in which products are dropped multiple times during installation.

Terminal blocks with Push-X technology on a DIN rail

Terminal blocks with Push-X technology

Terminal blocks with Push-X technology

You will find all downloads as well as product lists for the terminal blocks with Push-X technology here.

XPC PCB connectors with Push-X technology

PCB connectors with Push-X technology

PCB connectors with Push-X technology

You will find all downloads and product lists for the PCB terminal blocks with Push-X technology here.