UM6M-TM (5X12) - Marker for terminal blocks

Marker for terminal blocks, Strip, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: TOPMARK NEO, TOPMARK LASER, BLUEMARK ID COLOR, BLUEMARK ID, BLUEMARK CLED, THERMOMARK PRIME, THERMOMARK CARD 2.0, THERMOMARK CARD, mounting type: snapped, for terminal block width: 5 mm, lettering field size: 5 x 12 mm, Number of individual labels: 24

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Your advantages

The markers, which are supplied in uniform strips, can be printed onto quickly and easily using the BLUEMARK printing systems
The UM6M-TM ... UM labeling range includes terminal markers for ABB terminal blocks
The multi-section marking strips are easy to fit and can be easily separated if required
The markers support multi-line labeling