CRIMPFOX DUO 10 - Crimping pliers

Crimping pliers, contact connection type: Insulated and uninsulated ferrules, standards/specifications: DIN 46228-1, DIN 46228-4, UL 486F, form A, E, F, min. cross section: 0.14 mm2, max. cross section: 10 mm2, for TWIN ferrules up to 2 x 4 mm2, automatic cross section adjustment, rotating die, lateral and frontal insertion, compression: Trapezoidal crimp, black/green

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Your advantages

Large cross section range from 0.14 mm² ... 10 mm²
Crimping at difficult-to-access points, thanks to rotating die
Comfortable to use, thanks to low grip span with optimum manual force progression
Process reliability, thanks to pressure lock and self-adjusting die
Suitable for TWIN ferrules, thanks to continuous automatic adjustment