Marking systems

Marking System

We simplify your daily work – this is the promise backing every industrial Marking and Identification solution from Phoenix Contact. The MARKING system portfolio offers intuitive and user-friendly solutions for every application, from planning, right through to the finished marking.

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  • Printing systems that are easy to operate, thanks to intuitive touch screen user interfaces
  • Industrial printing made easy: prevention of printing errors thanks to automatic material detection
  • Printing in a matter of seconds: create marking labels directly on site and use them right away
  • Make procedures easier: quick installation and smooth integration into your infrastructure
  • Work comfortably thanks to data transfer from CAE program into the planning and marking software and thanks to the easy input of marking data directly on the printer
Printer demonstrations
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Printer demonstrations

Flexible printing and marking Create markings more easily than ever

Efficient Laser Marking
Flexible Colour Printing
Thermal Transfer Marking
Mobile Printing

Printer Demonstations

The videos below show a short demonstation of each printer in action

Topmark Neo
Topmark Neo MovingImage

Topmark NEO

Laser engraving marking system for heavy duty identification.

Bluemark ID Color
Bluemark ID Color MovingImage

Bluemark ID Color

Automatically fed ink based printer for marking practically anything in a machine or cabinet.

Thermomark Rollmaster
Thermomark Rollmaster MovingImage

Thermomark Rollmaster

This printer processes all roll materials – including for industrial use. The centering in the middle is easy to use. You can even mark continuous shrink sleeves.

Thermomark Card 2.0
Thermomark Card 2.0 MovingImage

Thermomark Card 2.0

Perfect for terminal marking, cable marking, device & equipment marking.

Thermomark Roll 2.0
Thermomark Roll 2.0 MovingImage

Thermomark Roll 2.0

Ideal for cable & wire marking, shrink sleeve, specialist adhesive labels and some terminal marking and more.

Thermomark Prime
Thermomark Prime MovingImage

Thermomark Prime

Mobile or stationary marking system for terminal marking, cable marking, device & equipment marking.

Thermomark GO.K
Thermomark GO.K MovingImage

Thermomark GO.K

Formally known as the Thermofox, the Thermomark GO.K is a handheld marking system for basic terminal, device, cable and equipment marking.